SCIRITHERAPY – integrated care to know

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The Sciritherapy is the new model of psychotherapy that flows from the premises posed by quantum psychology.

It’s a technique of multidisciplinary care integrated, usine the contribution of quantum physics of neuroscience and epistemology.

At the patient is thus offers wider knowledge than the classical methods of psychology, that help to frame existentially the disturbance, in relation to the overall meaning of existence.

Neuroses and conditionings generated by education , by religions and ideologies are passed through a conditioning that relies on a heunistic knowledge. Psychotherapy and patient interact dynamically at par with the use of interative whiteboard , with explanatory diagrams and notes; the role of a bygone age of the patient lying on the bed is exceeded.

The interpretations of psychological disorders are implemented by f physics and neuroscience, which, calibrated to be understood by all, now allow us to describe the internal structure of the human being in an innovative way in fact, the body, brain and mind,are shown as operating two other energy centers infinitesimal pre-materials that complement the quality chain functional of the cybernetic system, by wich man lives.

These more centres are qualifying as not subject at wasting biological and therefore the true self imperishable of the person, is not the mental.

As an important consequence of what the Quantum Psychology today, undoubt shows, is that the rebirth of the universe and human existence, are precedent by an order of reality implied pre material.

Therefore what was always romantically named “Beyond” , is now thought of as a dimension actually exists kind of energy, which led to the creation of all existence.

This leads to metaphysical and existential implications of great importance and interest, which justify the establishment of a psychotherapist suitable arrangements to deal with this new approach, both, for human as around it.

The maximum information to become knowledge, determines the health fund. Platone said that those who know the name and origin of thinks, can not be deceived.

That’ s why the origin of the latin name Sciriterapia ( scire= to know, to have precise knowledge), the technique of integrated care to know.

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