Quantum Psychology- The size of “Being”

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The Quantum is a new address compared to traditional psychologie which introduces several multidisciplinary knowledge in the field, drawn from other sciences.

With the latest integrated content provided by Quantum Physics, from
neuroscience, from epistemology and precisely formed on the basis Quantum Psychology, it’ s now possible to show in a innovative way that the deep consciousness of human origin, has extramental and is not a product of the brain.

The man framed as a cybernetic system, is then considered in its conshituent units organized functionally, among which stands out the presence of an infinity intelligent energy center-consciouns and pre extramental material, more than the mental self, that lives but thanks to the brain.

The text shows how certain premises of Quantum Physics, force today to consider on order of energy reality antecedent to material in which we live, which generates the latter.

The consequences are far reaching, as is necessary to redefine many western cultural stereotypes about the internal stricture of human being and after it.

Materialism, faith, atheism, superstition, luck and the concepts of evil, pain and death, or thus reinterpreted on the basis of a compelling logic, that drawing on the data of most recent physical concedes nothing to the romantic fantasy and the dogmatism of ideologies.

Another practical consequence is that the systems of care must change, because the various schools of thought, which have become the equipment and who consider the human being so divisive, they are now forced to a radical change in conception of human life and to think about the interval composition of the “ system Homo” into its constituent parts.

It is therefore essential to a new integrated and multidisciplinary approach also in the clinical practice of psychotherapy word.

The authoritative text therefore raises the question on of “existence” of Being Parmenides, the fundamental ontological question, which today receives important experimental confirmation, just from the science that once contrasted.

The paradox is that religion, which could make it more convincing if the
renew his teaching with new knowledge, will not realize the historical
change now taking place in society on earth, thus acceterating its continued decline, along with the desperate nihilism medical caste.

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